Codex Vaticanus B03 dan Codex Sinaiticus א 01 membaca secara keliru Amon sebagai Amos?

Willem Ngoranubun


A study of some manuscripts of Matt.1:10 shows that there are variants readings concerning the word Amon. Certain manuscript reads Amon, others read Amos, Amnon, and Ammon. The Codex Vaticanus B03 and the Codex Sinaiticus א 01 read “ΜΑΝΑCCΗ ΔΕ ΕΓΕΝΝΗCΕΝ ΤΟΝ ΑΜΩC”. But the Deutero-canonical Bible published by LAI and LBI read it Amon. Do the Codex Vaticaus B03 and the Codex Sinaiticus א 01 erroneusly read Amon as Amos? Through the stages of textual criticism, this article intends to explain that Matt. 1:10 is read erroneusly even by the Codex Vaticanus B03 and the Codex Sinaiticus א 01. And the correct reading for Matt. 1:10 is Amon and not Amos.


The Codex Vaticanus B03, The Codex Sinaiticus א 01, Amon, Amos

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